One of the most important moments of our generation will be decided on 23rd June, in the EU Referendum. The fact that students may be away from the constituency in which we are registered to vote could mean that many of us – for whom the referendum is most critical! – will have no say.

The outcome will be significant for the educational and career opportunities that will be available to us in the near future. It will affect the way in which our environment is governed and for whom. In 20 years’ time, we will reflect on it’s significance for the economy and our society and, should we not have utilised our democratic right – for which women and men have fought and died – our grievances will be of our own making.

If you don’t know which way to vote, PLEASE take one morning on the internet and read the arguments for and against continued membership of the EU.

The websites of the official and more prominent campaigns to ‘Remain’ can be found here and here. The ‘Leave’ campaigns are here and hereBut, try to filter out the party-political bile which has characterised the debate in the media (see here and here), and understand the positive arguments on either side that correspond to the things you care about. Your careers, your environment, your economy, your society.


Today, it often feels like we have been abandoned by politics and politicians. But we must make sure that our futures are not determined by those whose short-term interests are at our long-term expense. Our future MUST be determined by us.


Note: Image Credit, John Seaman