Contested Waters

Society, Nature, Resources & Democracy – a blog by Owen King


Picking up on current issues in geography and the environment, I use this blog as a means to connect across disciplines and professions, and as a tool to keep my research and writing up to date. I hope that it might trigger some interesting discussion/withering criticism.

I am a doctoral student at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. My particular interests are in the fields of political geography, democracy, and the political economy and political ecology of resource use: most recently in relation to water resources and the extractive industries. My PhD thesis, which is due for submission by the autumn of 2016, is [tentatively] entitled “Democratic Deficit on the Western Frontiers: Mining, Water and the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act”, and centres on contested spaces of public engagement in the case of a proposed copper mine in southern Arizona, U.S. My studies are currently supported by the Sustainable Water ActioN (SWAN) project, granted by the European Commission (FP7-INCOLAB-2011), an interdisciplinary and multi-regional collaboration on water resources research.

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